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Our Service

Our service will provide our clients with a full implementation procedure, which will be unique to that company, to standardise the level of service provided over the entire company.

This will be determined by assessing the procedures that are currently in place, if any, and then formalising a plan best suited for the business needs.

Our Implementation procedures will include:

Setting up operational standards in line with CIBSE TM31 guidlines

Asset Surveys

Condition/Life Cycle Reports

Preparing detailed PPM charts from the asset list - Formulate an effective definitive contract/PPM plan, ensuring premises have fit for purpose coverage and that all resultant checks and inspections are demonstrable and systematically documented. (Reference to HVCA standards where required).

Control books -M & E, Sub-Contractors, Health & Safety, Waste Management, COSHH, Fire Log books, Permit Control systems, LSP etc;

Event logs - enabling cost analysis/control of project works

Budget analysis -Implementation of budget reporting tools - spreadsheets, WIP sheets.

Air Condition Inspections - In line with European Legislation we offer air conditioning energy surveys that comply with Article 9 of the Energy Performance of Building directive. Our surveys are undertaken by an accredited CIBSE Assessor, in line with the TM44 reporting format.

Audit Procedures - Key Performance Indicators & NCR's - enabling bench marking for the client, to demonstrate improvement in service delivered

Implement Permit system - Risk Assessments & Method Statements

Mentoring and supporting the on-site team in the initial stages of the contract.

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