Fire Door inspections

Fire Door Surveys

What is my obligation?

Building owners are required by law to adhere to the requirement detailed in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, this covers the building’s fire safety provisions. Regular and continued inspections of fire doors are required to keep the standard of fire safety in buildings, as stated in BS8214 (c.13) and BS9999 (Annex L).

Fire Door Inspections

Fire doors are a critical part of your building’s fire safety and protection. They are in place to contain fires to a particular area, protect those occupying the building in the event of the fire and give the safest possible exit minimising potential harm to both people and the facility.

Fire door safety questionnaire,

  • Is the door correctly rated for purpose in it’s location?
  • Is it fitted properly to maintain the buildings fire compartmentation?
  • Is its integrity at optimal for performance in the event of a fire?
  • Does it have the correct fixings, hardware and closers, and do they function appropriately?
  • Does the fire door have the correct intumescent strips?
  • Does it have the correct type of glazing and that it is fitted properly?
  • Is it properly identified on both the door signage and in the building’s asset register?

Fire doors are used regularly, as they are functional in buildings. This makes them susceptible to regular wear and damage. Maintenance is required to ensure the quality of fire protection they provide. As such inspections, surveys, and effective reporting are important to ensure the buildings are compliant with fire safety regulations and the fire doors are effective as required.

If you are responsible for the fire safety of the building then it is important to make sure that these critical life saving measures are installed, inspected and maintained so that they will perform as designed.

DaiKar have experience in undertaking fire door surveys in a variety of premises, including commercial premises, Hospitals, Offices and Residential Buildings. We will quickly identify areas requiring attention and propose a specification of works to bring the property up to the required standard.